Slice Up - VR

"Slice Up VR" is a prototype VR game that I developed on Oculus Quest platform. The game comprises a dark and murky theme, in which the player takes up the role of a Ninja. The goal of the player is to slice some evil pumpkins within an X amount of time. In addition to this, the player needs to fend off the evil spells from a haunted clown and house. The AI system of the evil clown in this game was designed using behavior trees. 

Project potter/ Mage Dash

"Mage Dash" is a duelling challenge and in this challenge, the player takes the role of Harry Potter and the goal of the player is to defeat the Dark Lord - in disguise. the Dark lord's character NPC has been designed using Behavior Trees. During the duel, if the enemy's HP reduces less than a certain amount then the enemy would run away to boost HP and trigger the spiders to attack the player in the meantime. Player can cast different spells to attack the opponents and should move in the physical world to dodge the incoming spells from the Dark lord.