TEAM - Tomorrow's Elastic Adaptive Mobility

     The TEAM (Tomorrow’s Elastic Adaptive Mobility) is a collaborative EU project, the project aims at exploiting the mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) to improvise the transportation safety, securing environmental aspects and the formation of a collaborative network of the road users to reduce the fatalities in EU. By combining the road users (drivers and passengers) and infrastructures, the network gets stronger, and forms a perfect base for the Internet of Things in road safety and optimizes driver performance. The TEAM project comprises various applications focused on driving, parking, and navigation, one among those applications is my research domain, which the SG-CB (Serious Games and Community Building) application.






      The SG-CB application is part of the application cluster that is aimed to improve end-user behavior in better driving. The game infrastructure of the SG-CB application was utilized by other TEAM applications such as EFP, CONAV, CPTO, and SD to motivate the user choices and influence user behavior in the aspects of navigation and parking. The project TEAM comprised of various field and plug-in tests in five European test sites: Italy - (Turin and Trento), Germany - (Berlin), Sweden - (Gothenburg), Greece – (Trikala), and Finland – (Tampere).  

Collaborative network of road users through cloud-based function -

TEAM applications Plug-in test

     The plug-in test for TEAM applications happened in Gothenburg, Sweden from January to March on three sessions. I participated in the first test session, which was conducted on 27 - 28 January 2016. The serious games application was tested in ASTA (All Service Test Area) Zero test track. The acquired results helped in evaluating the developed system and also in refining the bugs. The results from the field tests were also published in two conferences (ApplePies - 2016 and GE Annual meeting - 2016). For this plug-in test I contributed the Event-Analysis module, basic Social Networking and Competitions design.

ASTA(All Service Test Area) ZERO test track in Gothenburg, Sweden

TEAM Euro EcoChallenge

    The Euro EcoChallenge was conducted at Italian test site in CRF (Centro Ricerche FIAT), Turin, Italy on 15 - 19 February 2016. The various TEAM applications were tested during this event along with user studies. I participated in this event and coordinated with research team in CRF. The Eco-Friendly parking application (developed by CRF) exploits the game logic from the serious gaming architecture, so we performed certain tests to ensure the seamless functioning of modules. The test drive with varying driver behaviors (harsh and smooth) were also performed for the analysis of the impact on the games.

  The serious game architecture had been tested at various test sites in Europe and in which, I participated in demonstrations in Turin and Gothenburg. The demonstrations and interactions which I had with test users and other collaborators in this project gave more scope for tuning the system towards betterment. The results extracted from the tests were used in the publications and other project deliverables. The project was concluded with a final meet in Berlin, Germany on October 18 - 19, 2016, with a live demonstration of the serious games application. 

Field test of serious games application in Volvo Premises , Gothenburg, Sweden