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My teaching statement: I aim to provide an inclusive learning environment for my students and to promote experiential learning practices in my courses. I strongly believe a collaborative learning space is essential for cultivating diversity and intellectual curiosity.

Teaching background:  I am a games professor and I primarily teach courses on the design and development of video games. My course topics are centered on game user experience, level design, narrative design, environment design, collaborative game development, game programming, game AI, technical design, programming design patterns, and game optimization.
I strive to incorporate topics from my research projects into my teaching. 

Games published by my students on Steam

Soul Janitor
header (1).jpg
Maneater and the Golden Teacher
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Harmony Overture

Courses taught at Elon University

Collaborative Game Development 2 (GAM4200) - Spring 2022 

Human-Computer Interaction - CSC3233 - Spring 2022

Computer Game Production (GAM3100) - Spring 2022

Collaborative Game Development 1 (GAM4100) - Winter 2022

Collaborative Game Development 2 (GAM4200) - Spring 2021 

Teaching Sabbatical - Fall 2021

User-Centered Design (IME620) - Summer 2021

Computer Game Production (GAM3100) - Spring 2021

Computer Game Production (GAM3100) - Spring 2021

Game Programming (CSC435) - Fall 2020

Game Design (GAM201)- Fall 2020

User-Centered Design (IME620) - Summer 2020

Computer Science 1 (CSC130C) - Spring 2020

Computer Science 1 (CSC130D) - Spring 2020

Computer Game Production (GAM301) - Spring 2020

Game Programming (CSC435) - Fall 2019

Game Design (GAM201) - Fall 2019

Computer Science 1 (CSC130) - Fall 2019

Courses taught at Northeastern University

Mobile Application Development - Summer 2 2019

Game Programming - Spring 2019

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